Get more information about our range of regular health and fitness classes designed to support women in maintaining active & strong bodies and minds

Classes at Bump Fitness

In addition to our range of private Physiotherapy services, Bump Fitness will be running a regular health and fitness class designed to support women and mums to be in maintaining healthy, strong and thriving bodies.

Our Ante-Natal/Post-Natal classes are run by qualified Physiotherapists AND they are able to be claimed on your private health insurance!

It is a great place to meet other mums, form friendships and learn from other mothers!

Please get in touch with one of our staff if you have any further questions about eligibility or any concerns about your ability to participate.

MAT Pilates class

Ante-Natal / Post-Natal Pilates classes are specifically designed to safely develop the strength and support your body needs during and after your pregnancy.
More Classes To Be Advised!

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