Bump Fitness provides a wide variety of Physiotherapy services designed to support both women and mums alike in maintaining a happy, healthy, well supported body and mind.

What is women’s health physiotherapy? 

Just like standard physiotherapy women’s health physiotherapy assesses, diagnoses, treats, and works to prevent disease and disability. Physiotherapists use a variety of techniques to ensure the optimal functioning of the muscles, joints and nerves. These include joint mobilisation or manipulation, muscle releases/massage, muscle retraining, exercise programs, electrotherapy, strapping and assistance with using various aids or braces. However, there are many conditions specific to women and these require specialised training beyond what is taught in a standard physiotherapy degree. Women’s Health specialists are trained in internal vaginal exams to check the function of the muscles and the organs within the pelvic areas that cannot be assessed externally. Bump Fitness has a focus on the issues that arise in the pre and post natal period. These include:

  • Back and pelvic pain 
  • Pelvic floor disorder
  • Incontinence
  • Pelvic organ prolapse
  • Carpal tunnel and tenosynovitis (aka mummy’s thumb)
  • Diastasis Recti (abdominal separation)
  • Participation in exercise during pregnancy
  • Return to fitness and sport postnatally 
  • Pre & postnatal Pilates

Prenatal Physiotherapy


Prenatal, also called Antenatal, is the period during your pregnancy. Physiotherapy during this time can provide professional guidance on how to keep active and healthy safely for both you and your growing baby. Physiotherapy can also assist with pelvic floor exercises (aka kegel exercises), back pain, pelvic girdle pain, carpal tunnel syndrome and incontinence.

Birth Preparation


This 45 minute session will prepare you for your birth from a physiotherapy point of view whether it be a vaginal or caesarean section delivery as well as covering the first six weeks postnatally. Hospital sessions are great and cover you from a midwifery point of view but often neglect physiotherapy input. This session can be offered either face to face or via telehealth. 

Postnatal Physiotherapy


Postnatal Physiotherapy occurs once your baby is born. We recommend you are seen at the 6 week mark by a qualified physiotherapist who has training in women’s health. Physiotherapy after your bundle of joy has arrived offers internal vaginal assessment for pelvic floor muscle dysfunction as well as pelvic organ prolapse. The treatment will also include assessment and treatment for diastasis recti (abdominal separation), posture advice for breastfeeding and caring for your baby, sport specific training for return to sport, and treatment for back and hip pain and incontinence.

Pre and Postnatal Pilates

Prenatal Pilates $30 (or $100 for 4) 

Mums N’ Bubs Pilates $25  

During pregnancy it can be hard to find workouts to suit your changing body. Pilates is excellent for expecting women and women who have recently given birth as it incorporates core, pelvic floor and posture exercises. Doing Pilates while you’re pregnant and postnatally will significantly help you recover after giving birth. Not only will you have an easier time physically caring for your new baby you will also find it easier to recover. We offer face to face sessions and online pilates sessions conducted by a qualified physiotherapist and Pilates instructor.

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