Have you noticed a flat spot, uneven ears or eye level or an elongated head shape to your baby’s head? For most babies this will even out as they develop, start to roll and sit up, however a small number of babies may need a referral for a Paediatrician review.

Babies’ heads are soft and flexible and can change shape easily either in the uterus, during birth or develop in the early months of life. There are a few classifications of misshapen heads:

PLAGIOCEPHALY – uneven head shape sometimes with facial asymmetry.

BRACHYCEPHALY – flattening of the back of the head.

SCAPHOCEPHALY – narrow oval shaped head.

SYNOSTOSIS – fusion of the sutures of the skull which requires medical management.

If you are at all concerned Bump Kids Physio can assess your baby. An assessment may involve:

–       Measuring your baby’s head in a few places
–       Taking images of your baby’s head to track development
–       Palpating along the suture (join) lines of your baby’s skull to check for any early fusions
–       Assessing the neck muscles for any tightness that could encourage pressure to one side of the head
–       General development assessment

Treatment may involve:

–       Gentle neck stretches and exercises to treat neck tightness
–       Advice on positioning and carrying
–       Tummy time, side laying and face time
–       Tailored program to encourage developmental skills

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